DV is the NEXT TOPIC  of discussion for advocacy group FCKH8’s  potty mouth princesses who sounded off on feminism earlier this year. With a young boy portrayed in their video as an abuser and alcoholic, the tweens return with a powerful message against the plight of abuse and the lack of awareness surrounding it.

The girls can be seen in the video in their usual royal garb, but this time, they’re masked with bruised lips, bloody noses, and black eyes. While citing some of the CDC’s surveys on domestic violence, one young lady even dons a sling to match her injuries.

The group’s previous video started a swarm of controversy thanks to the language used – shocking to hear from such young women. After receiving millions of views,Luke Montgomery  the founder of FCKH8, defended the video and the creative approach on a recent episode of 

“One out of four women [is] going to be [a victim] of domestic violence.That is shocking. And having little girls, who are facing being one of these statistics potentially in the future, talk like this gets people paying attention,” Luke says.

When asked why he chose to dress the girls in princess costumes, invoking the “damsel in distress” stereotype, Luke adds, “What I wanted to do was take this stereotype for girls and turn it on its head. That girls can be powerful, girls can be strong, and they don’t need to be disempowered little princesses whose only value is how they look.”