It’s official, signed, sealed, and stamped. Outkast is reuniting (calm down, and regain your composure).

It’s been 10 long years since we’ve seen Atlanta duo Andre 3000 and Big Boi share the stage together, and well, we’re beyond excited.

With official confirmation that the “So Fresh, So Clean” rappers will be gracing Coachella’s stage together, we experienced a myriad of emotions. If we’re this excited about Outkast’s reunion, we know you all are amped too, so we rounded up 24 surefire emotions you’ll experience when they reunite.

Get your emotions in check down under.

1. Pure Excitement

2. Complete Jubilation

3. Absolute Adoration

4. Brief Anxiety…because of the excitement, of course.

5. Disbelief

6. Realizing that this Outkast reunion is in fact, REALITY.

7. If you’re extremely emotional…maybe a few tears.

8. In the midst of your excitement, you get a little angry that it took 10 years for this reunion to take place.

9. But you get over it quickly; FORGIVENESS is key. Because…

10. Seeing Andre 3000 do moves similar to this…

11. And Big Boi do this…

12. Will clearly make you do this.

13. Okay, so maybe not THAT extreme, but more like this…

14. This…

15. And for the conservative Outkast fans…this.

17. Euphoria…something close to a state of ecstasy.

18. Obviously, a panic attack.

19. Realization that you have to document this moment.

20. Because memories fade, but pictures last forever (in a perfect world, at least).

Remember to take good pictures, folks!

21. Hope…obviously, hoping that this reunion lasts forever.

22. Forever, ever, ever ever.

23. Yes. Forever.

24. Basically, Outkast’s reunion will be the best thing ever.

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