Here’s How Not to Get Slapped While Complimenting a Woman’s Breasts

Checking out a woman’s chest is one thing. Telling her how much you like it is quite another, but these guys may have found a loophole that can change the whole landscape of male-female relationships.

Did we oversell that? Well, we know you’re interested because you’re still reading. Heck, you’ve probably stopped reading and are already chest-deep in the video.

We salute the clever wordplay, but we want them to step it up. How about trying this with “honkers,” “headlights,” “mounds” and, the toughest one of all, “yabbos.”

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Natural household items that can kill mold Before you reach for some toxic chemicals to rid your home or clothes from mold, you might want to consider some natural ways to kill mold.I'm an indoor air quality specialist and i've seen, first hand, how some natural products and spices can kill mold.Here are some of my favorite, easy to find, things that are proven fungicides. I'll start with my absolute favorite which is thymol.Thymol is the oil extracted from the cooking spice thyme.It's what gives it it's flavor.You'll find thymol in a lot of mrs meyers green cleaning products, and for good reason.Not only is thymol proven to be a fungicide, it is also an effective anti bacterial as well.Thymol has proven itself to be an excellent fungicide and anti bacterial.It's like a one two punch that easily breaks down into non harmful compounds.I've found thymol to be very effective against mold, especially when coupled with lemon grass.A great product that uses those two in conjunction is benefect.Listerine is also another product that uses thymol, but i've found benefect more effective against mold.Don't get me wrong listerine is still excellent, but i suspect mixing it with lemon grass gives it that extra kick. You can't beat sunlight.The sun can rid an area of mold.It can be as simple as arranging a mirror to shine on the area you want to rid of mold.It's the ultra violet rays of the sunlight that break down dna.That's why it's so important for us to wear sun screen, or cover ourselves.Exposure to direct sunlight will dry out moisture and eradicate mold.Mold simply does not like sunlight.Just like you won't find moss on the sunny side of the tree, you won't find mold in direct sunlight. White vinegar isn't just for pickling.Ever find a moldy pickle?The acid in white vinegar dissolves mold and it's spores.I prefer to use white vinegar straight, but others say you can dilute it.I don't mind the pungent smell of vinegar so i use it straight.White vinegar is also a great additive for washing moldy clothing.I'll add two cups to my small laundry load.I'll often wash my uniform in a white vinegar solution and dry it in the sunlight.I'm exposed to a lot of mold in my profession.That little trick keeps the mold out of the rest of the laundry.The vinegar smell dissipates in the sunlight too.So i don't smell like a pickle when i go to work. There are other natural items like tea tree oil and denatured alcohol, but they aren't as common.I'm a firm believer in letting people know about simple solutions that are within immediate grasp.

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Fishing club reels in record Baited breath:Forty or so hockey players, team executives and corporate and community biggies paid $12, 500 each to join the west coast fishing club's fishing for kids tournament this week.Before flying to haida gwaii, some wondered if they could raise more than last year's $1 million for the canucks autism network.By wednesday, after dwight jefferson and colin mcivor respected tournament custom by returning their $200, 000 prize for landing 33.8 pound chinooks, the eighth annual event had generated a record $1, 173, 000.Jann arden entertained contestants beforehand at the hotel georgia's reflections lounge, where humans no longer need be fished from the venice like channels that made that al fresco venue a genuine watering hole.The gurgling gutters now have heavy translucent covers to spare topers' shoes, clothes and litigious urges.Front to bax:Couturewise, artist athena bax makes pocket change look like a million.For a high style store's 2011 launch, her $23 ensemble included an $8 value village frock some guests identified as a gucci or michael kors.Her dress at the fishing for kids bash resembled one in the september vogue but cost $13 at urban behaviour.She blew her budget, though, with $209 stiletto booties from rowan sky, marked down to $99.There'll be no such discounts at bax's powell street studio nov.6, when her canvases will run from $500 to $8, 000.That's the spirit:Pulling a u turn on style highway this week, rolls royce gave patrons a surprisingly pretty car to look at.The venue was the rocky mountaineer station, where vehicles as purposeful looking as recent rolls royces usually pull trains.Drag in4.4.Seconds.All for close on $400, 000.Operatic sopranos accompanied the unveiling.Sheila christie sang the woe is me aria vissi d'arte from tosca.Melanie krueger handled la bohme's more appropriate musetta's waltz: "People stop and stare at me look at my beauty and i relish their sly yearning. "Others stopped and stared at firebelly performance society founder kira schaffer.Painted silver, wearing diaphanous garb and leaning into a fan's blast, she emulated rolls royce's spirit of ecstasy hood ornament.Real silver ones adorned vintage rolls royces parked nearby.They included abbotsford residents john and nicky waite's american made 1929 phantom i tourer that complementing the tasty new wraith once belonged to the friendly ice cream firm's proprietor.Licensed to thrill:Vancouver international film festival executive director jacqueline dupuis is smart and glamorous enough to have appeared in james bond movies.The viff recently began screening 20 of them in the 007 reloaded program at vancity theatre.While hosting the series' opening gala, dupuis met a pioneering bond girl.She was marguerite lewars(Now gordon), a former Miss Jamaica who played a photographer in the 1962 Dr.No and is now an advice/etiquette columnist in the trinidad express's sunday edition.She was here seeing son gregory and granddaughter elise.The original movie bond, sean connery, has visited vancouver often, not to greet offspring but to golf and fish for salmon with pal ted hunt.Lions punt returner whose novel, the company of heroes female actuary spirits czarist gold out of 1917 russia has enough action, danger and sex to be made into a movie, too.That might give hunt a quantum of solace.Live and stay dry:Moviemakers at the 007 reloaded launch included giada dobrzensky, who acted in 60 episodes of the german soap lindenstrasse and whose city shot 2001 short, mon amour mon parapluie, gave her producer director standing.For the vancity theatre gala, she dressed as solitaire, jane seymour's role in live and let die.As for umbrellas, brother dominic dobrzensky toted one of those samurai sword handled jobs that give security personnel conniptions worldwide.Eye openers:Minami restaurant's morning after patrons are invigorated by grapefruit like yuzu juice in the mimosa cocktails bar manager rohan henson serves with weekend brunch.Wodehouse had butler jeeves stir a raw egg with quarter ounces of worcestershire sauce and tabasco for hapless bertie wooster to down in one go.As for restorative brunch fare, over indulged ancient romans favoured sheep lungs with two owl eggs.Strength regained:Michael bubl and two year wife luisana lopilato had a baby this week.So did singer pianist bryant olender, who was the burnaby raised singer's accompanist and bandleader in the late 1990s babalu lounge, now doolin's pub.Not a diaper style baby, olender's is the so strong single and video, beautifully produced by jill scott and bob akester, that reflects his renewal at the baldy hughes therapeutic community near prince george.Down parryscope:City based heffel auction house's montreal operation will sell the late pierre trudeau's office desk.Calgary comic and entertainment expo breaks attendance records on 10th anniversarywhile the four days were not completely sold out, thecalgary comic and entertainment expo still managed.Calgary expo:The secret to life was probably revealed in a star trek episodegarrett wang(Ensign harry kim on star trek voyager)Lives in las vegas, but doesn't spend much time.Fortney:The circus, comic books and hockey heroes make for one wild sundayadam gladkowski is doing a doubleheader of entertainment and hero worship on sunday:The final day of.Mcdonald: PCs can only count on scare tactics so muchBy MeredithMcdonald After calling an election Albertans didn't want, the Progressive Conservatives.Lakritz:Don't freeze your eggs;Life's always a scramblewomen who are rushing to have their eggs frozen, at great expense, so that they can have a baby at a.Adams: Inventor witnesses impact of life saving water filterBy JeffAdams How many of us have saved one life?How many of us have saved thousands of people's lives.Fans estatic as flames play first home playoff game in six yearsthey wore red and they packed patios, bars, backyards and the saddledome.It's been six long years.Fortney:The circus, comic books and hockey heroes make for one wild sundayadam gladkowski is doing a doubleheader of entertainment and hero worship on sunday:The final day of.Prentice says new climate plan will be beefed up version of existing blueprintjim prentice says a new climate change plan from a re elected tory government will be an improved version.No one injured in rock slide on squamish's stawamus chief mountainthere are no reported injuries following a rock slide on the stawamus chief mountain in squamish on.

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San francisco fusion food January 6, day of the three wise men, or da de los reyes magos, is almost like a second christmas in mexico, coinciding with epiphany and celebrating the coming of the three wise men and the presentation of the baby jesus at the river jordan for baptism, according to the catholic religion.It also marks the end of the period of a marathon of holidays that come one after another, beginning on december 12 with the da de la virgen de guadalupe, informally known in mexico today as the guadalupe reyes marathon.This is the day mexican children wait for all year long, as they anticipate the arrival of los reyes magos(Rather than santa claus on christmas eve).It is the three wise men who will bring them toys, just as they came to ancient bethlehem bearing gifts for the baby jesus. (In mexico, for christmas, it is more traditional for children to receive clothing).In many areas of mexico, children leave out their empty shoes on the night of january 5, hoping that they will find them filled with treasures in the morning.The holiday is also celebrated with the charming tradition of the rosca de reyes.This is"The kings' cake,"A flour based cake rich with butter and egg yolks, originally in the shape of a ring to echo a crown, but which has grown into an oval as it has"Stretched"To accommodate larger crowds.As wheat flour was not introduced to mexico until the invasion of the spanish in the 16th century, the rosca likely became part of mexico's holiday traditions sometime after that(Originally, it was the moors, invading spain in the eighth century, who brought with them cakes rich in almonds, dried fruits, spices, and refined sugar all key ingredients in the rosca).Hidden inside the rosca is a figure of baby jesus, either plastic or porcelain, to symbolize how mary and joseph had to hide him from king herod, who had been apprised of the signs that a new and rightful king of jerusalem would born and ordered all male infants in bethlehem be put to death.The deadly search is symbolized by the knife cutting the ring cake.As with many mexican holidays, on january 6 neighbors and family share the light evening meal, each having a chance to find the figure of baby jesus in their slice of the rosca.The traditionof the rosca de reyes also extends the christmas celebrations for another few weeks;The lucky guest who finds him is designated to host a tamalda, a party at which tamales and hot chocolate are served, on february 2, da del candelaria.Rosca de reyes are widely available in san francisco's mission district, with many panaderias or mexican bakeries taking orders in advance and selling out early.Our recommendation is la mexicana on 24th st.Just off the corner of york st.For more on the best mexican bakeries in the mission.

Comment by A on July 11, 2015 at 5:08

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Saskatchewan roughriders win 101st grey cup Regina kory sheets ran for a record 197 yards and two tds to power the saskatchewan roughriders to a 45 23 win over the hamilton tiger cats in the 101st grey cup game sunday night. Sheets delighted the raucous hometown crowd of 44, 710 by smashing the previous mark of 169 yards, set in 1956 by edmonton johnny bright.Sheets, who was named the game mvp, was especially impressive in the first half, running for 128 yards and a td in leading saskatchewan to a commanding 31 6 halftime advantage. One thing that led us to a dominant performance was that the fans were unreal, roughriders coach corey chamblin said.Was unreal.From pre game warmup i knew it was going to be tough for those guys.I looked at them and said wouldn want to be in your shoes.I mean, it was ridiculous.The whole thing was green.Agreed. Read more:Grey cup 2013 in photos Said it before the game started, this is not a neutral crowd, he said.Fans are going to be in here knocking and rocking and they proved it.Looking forward to celebrating with rider nation. Going to be amazing, he said.Can wait to hit the streets and party with the fans.Slotback chris getzlaf was the game top canadian. Quarterback henry burris, who rallied hamilton from a 24 10 deficit to beat toronto 36 24 in the east final, pulled hamilton to within 31 16 on his 18 yard td run early in the third and a drive that luca congi capped with 33 yard field goal early in the fourth.But sheets cemented the win with a five yard touchdown with just over five minutes remaining. The pass, the run, protection was great, the defence was great, said sheets.Teams was great.It was just our night.Asked who the cfl best running back is, sheets said looking at him.More:Sheepdogs 'feeling good' at grey cup Video:Roughriders take to the streets to celebrate grey cup win Weather was a consideration but not because of the frigid temperatures that gripped the city during the week.At kickoff, it was 1 c and had only dropped to 2 c at the end of the game.On saturday, the grey cup parade was held in frigid 35 c conditions.The biggest obstacle was the brisk northwest breeze that gusted between 30 and 50 kilometres an hour.Saskatchewan was more opportunistic, outscoring hamilton 37 10 with the wind. A sea of green serenaded burris a former saskatchewan starter throughout and had plenty to cheer about as the home team earned its fourth grey cup but first since after disappointing losses to montreal in 2009 and darian durant started both losses to the als but threw three td passes to anchor his first cfl championship as saskatchewan no.1 quarterback. The quarterback of the saskatchewan roughriders, you going to get a lot of cricitsm and some of it going to be undeserved, said getzlaf.One deserves this win more than he does.Was a disappointing end for hamilton, which came in having won 11 of their last 15.Burris, slotback andy fantuz and head coach kent austin were all former riders returning here looking to earn hamilton its first grey cup win since didn make enough plays, period, said austin.Played a better football team today.They were just better than we were.They were more physical, they were stronger.We didn make near as many plays as we could have, missed too many throws, dropped too many balls on offence which killed a lot of our drives.They converted a lot of second downs, especially in the first half.We just dug too deep of a hole.Suffered his first playoff loss after five straight wins as a cfl head coach.Austin had led saskatchewan to grey cup wins in as the club starter, then in as head coach before leaving to become an assistant with his alma mater, ole miss. Unbelievably proud of that room, he said at his post game news conference.Have a lot to build on.We got a good young football team.We have got to get better in some areas, and we will, but we got a great foundation.Really proud of these guys, love all of them.Also became the third straight team to win the grey cup at home and earned its first ever cfl championship at mosaic stadium. Geroy simon, with his first two grey cup tds, jock sanders and weston dressler also scored for saskatchewan.Chris milo had the converts and a field goal.Gable had hamilton touchdown.Congi had two field goals and two converts. Sanders and sheets had rushing tds before durant hit simon on a 42 yard scoring strike with 1:46 left in the first half as Saskatchewan set a Grey Cup record for most first half points. A key to saskatchewan success was its play on second down, converting 9 of 14 opportunities, compared to just 2 of 11 for hamilton.The riders 25 point halftime lead was the second largest in cup history, second only to the ticats 29 point advantage in their 39 15 win over edmonton in 1986. Durant had three first half fumbles but was 12 of 16 passing for 165 yards and two tds while adding 32 rushing yards as the riders outran hamilton 168 3 and outgained the ticats 333 130 overall.Durant also made it hard for the east division champions to key on any of aerial threats, completing passes to eight different players. Sanders three yard run at 5:36 capped a smart seven play, 50 yard drive to put Saskatchewan ahead 17 3.On hamilton next possession, riders defensive lineman alex hall recovered a fumble at the ticats nine yard line after an errant second down snap sailed past an unsuspecting burris. Hamilton recovered durant third fumble at its own eight yard line but after failing to get the first down, austin had josh bartel punt into the wind rather than take the safety.Sanders returned bartel 33 yard punt 17 yards to set up sheets one yard touchdown at 9:29. After congi 24 yard field goal, durant found a wide open simon to put the home team ahead by 25 points. Hamilton opened the game with the wind, but could only manage congi 45 yard field goal to open the scoring at 5:16.Durant found simon on a 15 yard touchdown as the riders scored 24 consecutive points to take control of the contest. The game had star appeal as actor tom hanks attended with comedian martin short, a hamilton native.Early in the third, hanks was shown replacing a ticats toque with a riders hat, drawing a loud roar from the crowd.

Comment by yuffie on June 16, 2015 at 5:03

Second former assistant accuses nigella lawson of drug use London(Cnn)A second former personal assistant to nigella lawson made drug use allegations against the celebrity chef tuesday as she testified at her own fraud trial. Francesca grillo and her sister, elisabetta, are accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of pounds from lawson and her ex husband charles saatchi. Francesca grillo said she had not seen lawson take drugs.But she told the isleworth crown court in west london she had seen repeated evidence of drug use. "At the beginning of 2012, there were a few episodes when she came down and she had white powder in her nostrils,"She said of lawson. "She brushed it off and said it was makeup. " Asked by her defense lawyer if that could have been the case, francesca grillo said it was"Too white to be makeup. " Lawson told her that when she was working on a new book, she needed to stay up through the night, grillo said. The former personal assistant told the court that lawson would have a runny nose for long periods of time, even in summer, and that she would have mood changes, going from very nice to"Absent and grumpy. " She also described finding rolled up bank notes with traces of powder in lawson's handbag and seeing the remnants of cannabis use around the house. Grillo said she spoke to lawson's two children about her cannabis use.They told the former personal assistant that lawson had trouble sleeping, so she would go downstairs and smoke with them because it helped her sleep. Elisabetta grillo, in her testimony last week, also told the court that she had seen indications of drug use by lawson but had never seen her take drugs. In her own testimony this month, lawson confirmed she had taken cocaine half a dozen times, during two periods of her life, and used cannabis in the past.But she denied being a habitual user, saying,"I did not have a drug problem, i had a life problem. " Saatchi had said in an e mail that lawson had used drugs regularly, but in his testimony before the court last month, he backed off that claim. In the e mail, which the defense shared with the court at a pretrial hearing, saatchi wrote that the two assistants would probably"Get off"Because lawson was using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis and"Allowed the sisters to spend whatever they liked. " The two sisters are accused of spending large sums on luxury goods on company credit cards they were supposed to use for household expenses. Both sisters deny the fraud charge. Questioned by the prosecution about her spending tuesday, francesca grillo insisted that lawson had approved her purchases. She admitted to having dresses, handbags and shoes from designers including miu miu, christian louboutin and gucci.She suggested that other members of the family could have used her card. Grillo said that saatchi had shouted, banged his fists on a table and threatened to"Destroy"Her when he accused her of fraud this summer.









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